Planned Future Activities

  • We will commence the first stages of implementing sensors in some pilot participants houses and showing them the sharing interfaces – asking them what information they would and wouldn’t share with their family, support network, and healthcare professionals.
  • The community survey we advertised in the last newsletter has now closed and the data will be analysed over the coming months. We are hoping this survey will help us understand the routes by which people come to be supporters of older people, and what motivations differ between people who provide different types of support.
  • The overall architecture design of the STRETCH system will be iteratively improved
  • Conduct discussions and requirements elicitation with GPs. We are contacting potential contributors from the GP communities in Milton Keynes and Exeter. Please contact us if you think you could help, or know a GP who can.
  • Continue analysing the sensors test data, and develop the required algorithms to recognise more complex activities such as cooking.